Asociación Evangélica Foro de Liderazgo
c/ Fernando Gallego 17. Arcenillas, Zamora. Spain. 49151
(+34) 656 546 958 | |

“The Leadership Forum (Foro de Liderazgo), Spain,” is a non-profit association of national and international leaders working in partnership with local evangelical churches to create opportunities that equip, resource, and renew leadership.

The Forum is a non-profit organization sustained by donations from churches, organizations and individuals.


At the present time, the Forum oversees four projects:

  1. Proyecto Éfeso (“The Ephesus Project” – a three-year leadership biblical training institute)
  2. Éfeso Posgrado (advanced courses for “Efeso” grads)
  3. Oasis (leadership renewal ministry)
  4. El Puente (“The Bridge” – events that allow leadership of local churches to create bridge for engaging society with the Gospel)